Keeping your child safe

Even though your child is young there is still lot’s you can do to help keep them safe, including building some good day to day habits.

  • Do not use your phones in your bedroom and don’t spend too long on computers
  • Keep computers in family areas of the house
  • Teach children about what information is personal, such as their address, name and school
  • Set parent controls on all devises your children access including your phone
  • Do not let children access accounts that have your bank details stored

Personal Safety

  • Teach children they are the only ones who can touch their private parts
  • Allow children to choose whether they want to kiss someone, for example, kissing nanny goodbye. This helps them to respect the ‘funny feeling’ they may get in their tummy
  • To look after their bodies by using sun cream and sun hats
  • To shout ‘help me’ if they are hurt or alone
  • Teach your child their road name and house number
  • To call 999 if they are home and mummy and daddy do not wake up

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy bodies help develop healthy minds. At the preschool we encourage healthy lifestyles and explore this through healthy eating, being physical, keeping safe and exploring our emotions.

Whiteley Preschool Illustration