Healthy lifestyle

Healthy bodies help develop healthy minds. At the preschool we encourage healthy lifestyles and explore this through healthy eating, being physical, keeping safe and exploring our emotions.

Food and drink

“Too much sugar can lead to the build-up of harmful fat on the inside that we can’t see. This fat around vital organs can cause weight gain and serious diseases in the future like heart diseasetype 2 diabetes and some cancers. Having too much sugar can also cause tooth decay.” Children should be eating no more than 19grams or 5 sugar cubes a day worth of sugar.

At the preschool we provide water and semi-skimmed milk for the children to drink. Milk can be accessed during snack time and water throughout the day. Your child can bring their own drinks bottle and we recommend you fill it with water or very weak (light coloured, such as apple) juice. We provide a healthy fruit and vegetable snack during the morning session which is made up of items such as peppers, carrots and bananas. 

Being active

Preschool children under age five years old should be physically active for 3 hours a day! Therefore we encourage movement and physical activity as much as we can throughout our routine.

Whiteley Preschool Illustration