About Us

Inspired by many approaches, we have created our own ethos which reflects our passion for children’s learning. The preschool uses open-ended natural resources and encourages children’s independence and creativity through play. Children use real objects, such as china plates for a snack and real fruit and vegetables for role play. Our décor has a muted colour pallet and refrains from bright, fussy displays which can distract rather than inspire children.


Technology resources are limited and mostly adult-led, we are aware that most children have access to multiple forms of technology at home.  Technology development is monitored by the Educators, working in partnership with parents, to ensure that the children are meeting the curriculum guidelines.

We are passionate about children’s creativity and allow messy play through exploration and investigation.  Daily opportunities are provided for the children to explore their creative ideas.

The rhythm of the day provides a supportive structure for the children. Our free flow policy encourages the children to choose which activities they wish to engage in. We follow the children’s interests whether its music, storybooks, yoga, cooking or circle games; letting the children lead.

During free playtimes, the Educators support the children to achieve their individual learning goals and encourage, support and enhance their play experiences.

Children are encouraged to take part in focused adult led activities. During this time the Educators will run planned activities  appealing to the children’s interests to support the children’s development.

Ofsted Inspection

Whiteley Preschool was inspected by Ofsted in July 2021 and was rated ‘GOOD’ across all areas of the setting, please click on the link below to read our latest report:

Inspection Report July 2021

Extracts from the report:-

“Children are motivated to explore and successfully lead their own learning.”

“Older children are well prepared for school.  They show high levels of independence and confidently do things for themselves.  Children show an increasing awareness of how to keep themselves and others safe.  Staff effectively support children to be emotionally ready for their move on to school.”

“Older children show kindness to younger children.”

“Children behave well.  They demonstrate good manners and show respect for their environment.”

“Staff use their accurate assessments of children’s learning to plan timely and well-placed support.”

“Children benefit from focused activities that support their developing language skills.  They gain confidence in speaking in small groups and eagerly sing along to popular rhymes with their friends.”

“Staff deliver a motivating curriculum that engages children’s interest and that supports them to make good progress in their learning.”

“Children gain a sense of personal responsibility and an understanding of their place in the community through activities, such as litter picking.”

“Staff have a sensitive regard for children’s feelings and ideas and use these well to make changes that benefit the children.”

“They relish opportunities to play outside in a well-resourced and inviting outdoors learning environment.”

Sessions and fees

We are a term time only setting open from 9am until 3pm and offer a breakfast club from 8.15am.

Our sessions are charged at £5.50 per hour.

Whiteley Preschool Illustration