Our Motto

Engage me,
Inspire me,
Teach me what to do.

Imagine with me,
Have fun with me,
Teach me something new.

Challenge me,
Trust me,
Give me time to play.

Empower me,
Cuddle me,
Make me smile all day.


Our vision for children

Children are small for such a short amount of time, at preschool we support them to discover their potential and flourish into confident individuals ready and prepared to succeed at school. We do this through an enabling environment teaching them to make friends, explore the world, laugh and make memories. 


We want to inspire children to embrace their individuality and grow into well-rounded, confident individuals. 


Teaching children how to be critical thinkers, active learners and providing time to explore and discover.


There are so many things to explore in this wonderful world we live in. Children are supported to explore their:

Sustained Shared Thinking

“an episode in which two or more individuals work together in an intellectual way to solve a problem, clarify a concept, evaluate activities, extend a narrative etc.  Both parties must contribute to the thinking and it must develop and extend” (From the Effective Provision of Pre-school Education Report.)

Whiteley Pre-school use sustain shared thinking to support children’s creative thinking and often use phrases such as “I wonder what…..” or “I wonder how…..”.  You could try this at home, think about how you can use the term, “I wonder”, to solve a problem or expand thinking.

Whiteley Pre-School

Our approach is child-centred and focuses on children learning through positive interactions with others, their environment and through the general atmosphere of their surroundings.  Whiteley Pre-School is influenced by many approaches and attempts to create a calm, natural environment where children are encouraged to play, explore and be creative.  Overall the atmosphere attempts to provide enjoyment, curiosity and belonging.

Whiteley Preschool Illustration