The preschool was established in September 2002 by a parent and resident of Whiteley. From the beginning it has been popular and remains busy to this day. It is advisable to register your child before they turn 18 months old.

In its first few years, the younger children, aged 2 years 9 months played mostly in the sweethills room, moving into the woodlands room for the last year before they started school. In January 2013 the two rooms were merged, resulting in the preschool running a mixed aged group ethos, where by all age ranges of children could play together. It is often noted that children learn through their interactions with their peers and this has been evident since the introduction of mixed age group learning. 


In recent years the preschool has become more involved in the local community; visiting businesses within our local community, going on walks and furthering our relationship with Whiteley Primary School. During 2018 the preschool underwent re-branding to encapsulate the ethos of the setting.   

The future of the preschool is bright; it continues to offer outstanding care and education to children and support to families of the preschool. This coming year the preschool strives to develop its support for all families within the Whiteley community and with consideration to its ‘green footprint’. The preschool has hopes to expand to be able to provide its high standard of care and education to a larger section of the Whiteley community. 

Sessions and fees

During free play time the educators support children’s to achieve their individual learning goals and encourage, support and enhance their play experiences.

Children are encouraged to take part in key group and small group times but do not have to stay for the whole time. During this time the educators will support the children’s conversation skills, social skills and emotional understanding through fun games, activities and stories.

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