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About Us

Taking our inspiration from many approaches, we have created our own ethos which we are passionate about. The preschool uses natural resources and encourages childrens’ independence and creativity. Children use real objects, such as china plates for snack and real fruit and vegetables for role play. Our décor has a muted colour pallet and refrains from bright, fussy displays which can distract rather than inspire children.

ICT resources are limited and mostly adult led, however ICT development is monitored by the educators to ensure that the children are meeting the curriculum guidelines.
We have an Educator who leads in creative practice. As a team we are passionate about childrens creativity and allow messy play through exploration and investigation.  Our creative room provides opportunities for the children to explore their creative ideas.
Our free flow policy encourages the children to choose which activities they wish to engage in. The rhythm of the day allows the children to have a more relaxed pace in the afternoon. We follow the childrens interests whether its music, story books, yoga, cooking or circle games etc, our children lead with their own ideas and interests.
During free play time the educators support the children to achieve their individual learning goals and encourage, support and enhance their play experiences.
Children are encouraged to take part in key group and small group times but do not have to stay for the whole time. During this time the educators will support the children’s conversation skills, social skills and emotional understanding through fun games, activities and stories.
Settling in sessions

Ofsted Inspection

Whiteley Preschool was inspected by Ofsted in December 2013 and we are pleased to report that the setting was found to be outstanding in all areas. The effectiveness of the setting’s engagement with parents and carers was graded as outstanding.

Please find below extracts from the report:-

“The pre-school is exceptionally well managed.  Expectations for children’s care and learning are high.  There is a very strong commitment to provided the highest quality of teaching and play experiences to benefit the children”.

“Children are motivated by the imaginative and stimulating ways activities are presented in the pre-school.  They are totally engaged in their learning and make excellent progress taking into account their starting points and capabilities”.

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Sessions and fees

We are a term time only setting open from 9am until 3pm and offer a breakfast club from 8.15am.

Our session are charged at £4.60 per hour.

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